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Our unique approach to the spine and nerve system sets us apart from the majority of chiropractors Boulder is home to. We focus on a holistic and integrated approaches, incorporating techniques centered on the dissipation of spinal tension as well as those focused on the development and enhancement of your innate capacity to heal, self-organize, and increase self-correction.
Of the many chiropractors Boulder residents can choose from, only Network Family Wellness Center offers patients the capability to get in touch with their innate intelligence. We all have an innate intelligence striving to maximize our healing capacity and function. The effective functioning of our central nervous system, which is controlled by the brain, allows our innate intelligence to coordinate our body, unimpeded by subluxation. The brain is linked to the spinal and nervous systems, which are in turn connected to the entire range of organs and systemic processes of the human body. The power of the body’s innate wisdom to coordinate all of these functions in an optimal way is deeply connected to a person’s sense of well-being, vitality, and emotional ease. A system that is dynamic, adaptive, and relaxed allows for a greater connectivity between all of its component elements, in particular the mind and the body.
A strong mind-body connection leads to unimpeded coordination by your innate intelligence, which plays a crucial role in one’s healing capacity. Your innate intelligence, when free to function in an environment that is at ease and supported, acts as the body’s internal conductor for self-regulation, maximizing your internal energy to naturally self-heal and achieve a state of total, holistic well-being. When subluxations occur in the spinal system, the related nerves are stretched and distorted, interrupting the normal flow of information and stimuli as well as causing deterioration in the body’s ability to self-regulate, coordinate, and heal. While many of the chiropractors Boulder provides work on spinal tension, only the doctors at Network Family Wellness Center work on systemic health as well.
Our innovative approach makes use of the latest in cutting-edge chiropractic technologies to determine the state of your spinal, neural, and systemic health. Our computerized assessment tools allow us to form a picture of your overall state of health, including your variable heart rate and your regions of physical, spinal, postural, and neurological stress. We combine this information with a detailed health history provided by you and determine your wellness score. This unique number gives you an assessment of how well your system is functioning, and helps to determine the most probable causes of your loss of health, which often includes pain, discomfort, and lack of general ease. Using this three-dimensional set of data, we devise a care plan that is aimed at reducing and eliminating the tension related to and caused by subluxations and at helping you harness the healing and reorganizational powers of your innate intelligence.
When looking for chiropractors Boulder residents have many options to choose from. Yet, of the many varying and competent chiropractors Boulder has to offer, only Network Family Wellness Center uses the latest in cutting-edge technologies to give our patients advanced and holistic care.

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