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Back Pain Relief Without Drugs or Surgery

Back Pain Relief Without Drugs or Surgery

Back Pain Relief Without Drugs or Surgery


Boulder, Colorado residents are experiencing pain relief and so much more without drugs or surgery.

We are living in stressful times, and stressful times and stressful situations tend to bring out symptoms and chronic diseases in people’s bodies. Residents of Boulder, Colorado, are experiencing pain relief as well as additional benefits without drugs or surgery, through an advanced approach to the NeuroSpinal System called Network Spinal Analysis which heals the body through getting the spine healthy. It is not only gentle, but also has been researched and proven to be a very effective way of optimizing a person’s spinal structure.

Bolder, Colorado Residents Are Experiencing Pain Relief And So Much More Without Drugs Or Surgery

We are living in stressful times, and stressful times and stressful situations tend to bring out symptoms and chronic diseases in the body. At Network Family Wellness Center, residents of Bolder and the surrounding Colorado area are experiencing pain relief and other benefits without drugs or surgery through an advanced approach to the neurospinal system called Network Spinal Analysis.

Network Spinal Analysis is an advanced approach that helps heal the body by getting the spine healthy. This approach has been around for nearly thirty years, and with the largest research study in the history of the chiropractic healing arts has been proven to be a very effective way of treating neurospinal ailments.

How Network Spinal Analysis Works

Through a sequence of light touches where the spinal cord attaches to your spine, Network Spinal Analysis draws your attention back to your nervous system – enabling a new awareness of deep-seated tension patterns and bound-up energy residing in your body. In conscious coordination with the practitioner, these gentle contacts encourage you to spontaneously stretch, breathe, and move in ways that subtly release tension throughout your system. Over time, you teach your nervous system to remember what it was like to heal itself. In this critical way, it is not the practitioner who provides the healing; it is you actively participating in returning your own body to its natural, harmonious state, with guidance.

The Need For Undergoing Network Spinal Analysis

• Rather than popping pain pills or having a surgery, or even “popping your spine”, people experience their nerve system reset in such a way that their structure can heal more sustainably, and people feel like they have their life back.
• Practice members report significant improvements in overall quality of life. Benefits include: a greater awareness of your body, improved movement and flexibility, improved resilience to stress of all kinds, the ability to breathe more deeply and easily, better sleep, fewer illnesses, less pain and discomfort, increased energy, a sense of well-being and peacefulness, and a desire to make healthier choices in everyday life.
• Without the threat of pills or surgery, people who have an issue with their spine are more encouraged to get treatment.

How Network Family Wellness Center Can Help You

The dynamic husband and wife team, Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles, run Network Family Wellness Center of Boulder, Colorado. Both are chiropractors with advanced training who have had huge success helping people in pain, and also serve to educate and train other doctors. They have more than fifteen years of experience in helping people. The Network Family Wellness Center is accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an “A” rating.

Says Dr. Knowles: ”Repeatedly, we hear that Network Spinal Analysis is life changing and we are grateful to help so many people in Bolder that could not find solutions otherwise. To determine if this may be life changing for you, contact us for a free consultation and be rest assured that we will always be there to readily lend you a helping hand.”

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