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  • Olympians Striving To Be Their Best

    Usain Bolt with Chiropractor at Olympics

    Every four years we get to see something very exciting: People performing at their best. Personally, I always get inspired by people who excel, whether it be a musician, an actor, an…

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  • Back Surgery Is Useless

    Physisican finding the root cause of back pain

    That is what the New York Times said two weeks ago about back surgery and many other surgeries. “Useless” may seem like a strong word, but we really have to look closely as a culture about the effectiveness of invasive procedures. There are many medications — countless medications on the market — that are supposed […]

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  • Have You Ever Felt A Difficult Day In Your Spine?


    Have you ever felt a difficult day at work or day with your family, or even a holiday in your spine? At the end of the day, have you ever felt like your spine was holding you hostage? Or perhaps, have you ever woken up feeling that way already, only to find it get worse […]

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  • Does Texting Take Your Breath Away?

    People texting affecting their health

    Everywhere you go you see people on mobile devices. Think about or visualize the posture of a person on a mobile device. Their head is down, chin to the chest, looking towards the ground, with their shoulders slumped and their neck in a reverse curve. This pandemic posture, called anterior head syndrome posture or “text […]

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  • Healing Lower Back Pain From Within Or Not?

    Healing your lower back pain

    As someone who has specialized and held a primary focus on neural spinal structure, behavior, perception and overall spinal health for over twenty years, I always watch what is being recommended to people wanting a healthier spine and nerve system throughout the health care world. At Network Family Wellness Center, our primary focus has always […]

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  • The Connection Between Running And Your Nervous System

    Improve your running

    When it comes to function and performance, your nervous system is in control, literally. Your central nervous system controls and coordinates every aspect of your body, from organ function and performance to…

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  • Helping Locals Feel and Function Better With An Unconventional Approach

    Local community meeting place

    An Unconventional Approach to Healthcare and Chiropractic In our current healthcare landscape, people are often presented with and indoctrinated into the conventional approaches, which are generally focused around getting the quick fix or quick release. Irrespective of the healing art, people can experience relief using this “band-aid” type of approach, while at the same time […]

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  • New Patient Referral Special to Support SPAN


    During the month of May, we are very excited to be helping SPAN: Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence. Everyone you refer to us who mentions SPAN will receive a $50 gift certificate towards his or her evaluation fees. We will then donate the remainder of their evaluation fees to SPAN. An initial evaluation will help […]

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  • Don’t Visit a Chiropractor Until You Read This

    Boulder Flatirons in Colorado

    As with choosing a healthcare provider in any discipline, you will get much more out of it if you are an educated consumer. Most often, people choose a practitioner based on a referral. That can be wise when it comes to restaurants or movies because…

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  • Join us for a party!

    2016 desgin district

    The Annual 15 Street Design District Crawl is coming up, and we are going to be hosting a party! The event is Friday, April 29th, 5:00pm to 8:00pm on 15th Street between Canyon and Arapahoe, that’s right, just in front of our office. What are the happenings? Live music, McDevitt’s tacos, Fast Eddie’s hot dogs, Petey Bird […]

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