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Boulder chiropractor asks if work makes you sick

Boulder chiropractor asks if work makes you sick

Boulder chiropractor asks if work makes you sick

Does Work Make You Sick?



ome people spend an average of  2100 hours each year at a place called “work,” doing this thing called our “job” in an effort to advance our “career.”

Yet, many use up all their “sick” time each year, and whatever other time they may or may not have coming to them, simply because they dislike their jobs.



Many people view their jobs simply as a means to an end; a way to bring home money to pay the bills.




And we wonder why so many people are depressed and unhealthy?



There are organizations and individuals, CDs and books, bosses and coaches who can help people optimize their career so they are happier and therefore, healthier.



Try the following suggestions to make your workplace a better “headspace” 8 hours each day:



  • Maintain a healthy work/life balance – don’t forget you have a life outside of your job. This will help you stay motivated and productive on the job!


  • Enjoy what you do – You spend too much time at your job to hate what you are doing. If you’re not suited for your current career, change it! Find work that doesn’t seem like work and is suited to your interests and personality.


  • Know your talents and market them. Each of us has a unique set of skills and hunger for a way to put them to use. Everyone. Know what yours are so you can put them to use.


  • Find the right environment in which to use your talents – if the “culture” of your workplace is toxic, your talents can’t possibly shine. Move on!


  • Trust your intuition, those gut-level hunches that talk to you. Usually they are right, so don’t be afraid to believe in them, and yourself.





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