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Boulder Chiropractor says Free Your Spine…

Boulder Chiropractor says Free Your Spine…

Boulder Chiropractor says Free Your Spine…

Free Your Spine…


As power comes into your home from an outside there is a control panel or a circuit breaker at the source.  From this circuit hundred’s of electrical wires bring power to your bathroom,living room,bedroom and kitchen.  If any of those circuits malfunction the appliances in your kitchen won’t function the way you want.   As much as you play with the toaster oven your bread will not come out as toast. As much as you turn the dials on the stove it won’t boil water.  Even if you replace your appliances with new ones they still won’t work.



Just as your home has a circuit breaker so does your body.  You are born with a divine power within you that animates, motivates and coordinates your physiology and your life.  Without an ounce of attention from you this power coordinates millions of functions a minute.  Your circuit breaker is your spinal column.  From it 12 miles of nerves emanate to reach each and every cell of your body.  In fact every cell has between 3-9 nerve fibers going to it to bring life to those cells.



Just like the appliances in your kitchen if your cells don’t receive the proper power or life supply they don’t function properly, they are not strong healthy cells.  A non functioning cell does not serve its purpose.  If it is supposed to make toast it won’t!  When you have enough malfunctioning cells that organ won’t serve its purpose for your physiology.  That part of your body becomes dysfunctional, it becomes weaker.  The weaker parts of your body become the areas that are prone to inflammation, infection, tumors.  This may take years it may happen sooner.



Once you realize a part isn’t functioning properly it is often because you are ill or have a condition related to that part.  For example, if it is your lung you may realize you get frequent bronchitis, or asthma or you just don’t have the respiratory endurance you once had.  As much as you get specialists to look at your lung symptoms and give you inhalers, or antibiotics or herbal support they won’t replace the malfunctioning weak cells with healthy cells.  Only the power within can do that once it animates the area properly.



Regardless of where you have health challenges we want to remove any brown outs.  The key to a healthy life is a healthy spine.  Once the circuit breaker is back on your source can bring life to your body.  When the power goes on in a dark room your eyes may squint or be uncomfortable at first, you may even have to go around to all the clocks and reset them. Initially your weak cells are getting full power and this may strain them.   However, as time goes by your body begins replacing the weak malfunctioning cells with strong healthy cells.   As time goes by you notice that your body stronger, healthier more adaptable and youthful.  Once your spine is free your body can be free.



Free your spine and the rest will follow!

By networkwellnesscentersJuly 16, 2012
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