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Boulder Chiropractors Help Alleviate Neck Pain Naturally

The neck is very susceptible to various types of strains and injuries in both the cervical vertebrae and the soft tissues. A car accident, poor posture, and activities which repetitively place stress on the neck are all potential sources of pain and can also lead to referred pain in the shoulders, back, and arms. Chiropractic care has proven to be very effective in relieving this type of pain. A Boulder chiropractor will be able to start sufferers on a therapy plan.



First the chiropractor will need to determine what exactly is responsible for the neck pain. He or she will examine the neck physically, and possibly request an x-ray or MRI. A detailed medical history will be taken as well, since doing so can reveal important clues about lifestyle that may be contributing to the condition. Once the cause is found, a plan to remedy it can be devised.



If there is problem with one of the spinal vertebrae or discs, the first line of therapy is usually the spinal adjustment. The chiropractor applies a series of precise manipulation to the affected part until it returns to its proper placement. Not only will this relieve pain, but it will also increase the range of motion to the area.



Ultrasound is also an effective component of neck pain therapy that many practitioners use. Sound waves produced by this machine are released into the muscles, and are transformed into a penetrating, therapeutic heat. This heat improves circulation, and reduces swelling, tension, and muscle spasms.



The chiropractor may also prescribe certain stretching exercises that are designed to improve range of motion and alleviate tension in muscle tissues. These measures can be carried out at home and are intended to complement the in-office therapy methods the patient is receiving. The combination of all these actions should result in a marked improvement in the condition of the neck.



Rather than continuing to suffer with a sore neck, patients with this problem need to begin a chiropractic therapy program. Consulting a Boulder chiropractor who has the knowledge and experience to help those with neck pain is a wise choice. Most patients who do so experience considerable reduction in pain.



Chiropractic care helps relieve neck pain quickly and effectively. You can find information about a well-respected Boulder chiropractor at https://networkwellnesscenters.com right now.



By networkwellnesscentersApril 24, 2012
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