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Boulder Chiropractors Provide Comfortable And Effective Work Injury Therapy

Boulder Chiropractors Provide Comfortable And Effective Work Injury Therapy

Boulder Chiropractors Provide Comfortable And Effective Work Injury Therapy

Industrial injuries may hurt a worker both physically and financially. Over 90% of all work injuries result in neck and back pain. The ailment responsible for the greatest loss of work time as well as increased therapy expenses is back pain. The services offered by a Boulder chiropractor can reduce injured worker’s pain so they are able to return to work quickly. Chiropractic therapy generally offers lower costs than other forms of therapy.



Chiropractic has a long history of helping injured workers. The services can help to reduce lower back pain as well as repetitive motion injuries. In addition to care for the back, the therapy can reduce pain from conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, another common work related injury.



Chiropractors work to relieve the pain as well as rehabilitate the injured area. Rehabilitation is an important part of therapy. It reduces the chances of recurring injuries.



Work related injuries are defined as those caused or intensified by one’s work environment. These injuries may result in severe or debilitating symptoms, including pain, numbness or tingling, loss or productivity, loss of time from work, disabilities-both permanent and temporary, an inability to function on the job and increased employer workers compensation insurance costs.



Work injuries are possible in practically any workplace. However, workers required to spend time in frequent or heavy lifting, repetitive motions with the hands, prolonged awkward positions or working with vibrating tools are most prone to injury. Employers should take steps to reduce these situations when possible.

Everyone is responsible to take steps to decrease injuries in the workplace. Take ergonomics into consideration. The workstation and chair should be arranged to minimize unnecessary demands on worker’s body. When lifting work as a team and use proper form. If injuries occur, seek the help of a Boulder chiropractor who can work to provide pain relief while working to rehabilitate the injured area.

Chiropractic care helps relieve arm, shoulder, neck and leg pain safely. You can get information about a reputable Boulder chiropractor at https://networkwellnesscenters.com now.

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