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Breaking the Holiday Stress Cycle

Breaking the Holiday Stress Cycle

Breaking the Holiday Stress Cycle

How to break the holiday stress cycle

If you tend to participate in the hurried urgency of the everyday “rat race” you’re more prone to feeling severe stress during the holidays.  Though you may not consciously be aware of it, this mode of thinking is short-term, destructive, isolating, and it can drive you to make unwise decisions throughout the day.  This kind of existence is often referred to as “survival mode”.  In addition to crafting a New Year’s resolution, consider making a Holiday Season resolution as well:  “I will not become a victim of the holiday stress cycle!”  Don’t let your psychology negatively affect your physiology!  In other words, don’t succumb to holiday stress and anxiety—it’ll just bring you (and your posture) down.



A great way to accomplish this is to stay consistent with your office visits during the holidays.  Reduce your stress (AND BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM) by maintaining good health habits, including the choice to come in for your spinal adjustment.  I see it every year—the more adjustments a patient gets, the less likely they are to experience illness.  So make a commitment to shift your way of thinking this holiday season.  Make an intentional decision to remove yourself from the everyday rat race.  By making this choice, you’ll be able to further commit to your own health and wellness.  And that’s definitely something worth being thankful for!



By Dr. Daniel KnowlesNovember 6, 2014
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