• My lower back has straightened out quite nicely, and my neck is slowly getting better too. I don’t get sinus infections as often either. Far less back pain than I had before back pain that kept me quite frequently from my work and from doing what I love. I love the staff here too.

    - Britanny Balke
  • “I’m looking forward to all you can offer me and my family, my prayers are with you all every day, from my heart to yours.”

    - Rosie
  • “Healing is a journey and Dr. Danny and Dr. Richelle will be active participants and guide on this journey with you.”

    - Jen
  • “Not only did my knee start feeling better but my body started to open up. “

    - Barbara Tejada
  • “I now handle my own stress and guide others to better handle their problems. Thanks a ton, my whole life is easier.”

    - Don Poe
  • “Frequency duration and intensity of the pain is decreasing.”

    - Chris Dyer
  • “Pain drastically decreased.”

    - Ingrid Castrojon
  • “The wellness center was another source to improve our quality of life, mental attitude, posture and our balance as well as our focus.”

    - Russ and Patt Holmberg
  • “I am 54 years old but I feel younger and healthier than when I was 24.”

    - Gloria Lamboy
  • “Our Doctors at NFWC are “straightening” me up!”

    - Darcy D.
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Darcy D.

Doctor's Blog

Can Holistic Chiropractic Care Actually Turn You into a Better Person?

Dr Knowles with healthy chiropractic patient

Have you ever thought about the fact that major discomfort experienced on a regular basis has taken a toll on your personal and professional life? When pain becomes a part of your daily reality, it can interfere with your assigned tasks and the quality of your relationships. You automatically become crankier and less sociable and get labeled as a poor listener and an even worse communicator. How can you change all this and get your life back on track? Ira S. knows the secret that can help you manage your neck and back pain and stop it from changing who you really are. Ira relies on holistic chiropractic care to become more aware of his body and banish pain one gentle touch at a time.



Why I Came to NFWC



“A friend comes here and I noticed such a positive change in her attitude and behavior that I figured I had to give it a try. Not to mention, I am 6’4 and have had back and joint pain most of my life. I was hopeful this would help, and it has!” remembers Ira.



If your spine has to support a considerable weight, it will often need special care delivered by a true specialist. Via gentle adjustments, the renowned chiropractors from Network Family Wellness Center have enabled Ira to reduce the pain experiencing in his lower back and develop remarkable coping skills founded on a deeper understanding of his own body.



What is chiropractic care button




The Chriopractic Results That Turned Me into a Much More Positive Person



So what has changed? “I now have improved posture. It’s easier to breath and I am witnessing a better attitude, less pain and an increased awareness of my body. Also, I am more in touch with my emotions, and I am generally an overall a happier person,” states Ira, who is extremely pleased with his progress.



Why I See NFWC as My Second Home



“I am still in my first 6 month commitment, but I will continue after that because I have learned that no matter how much better I have already got, there is still much room for improvement. Also, anything could cause a subluxation and I don’t want to risk my body not knowing what to do. I live life to the fullest! And I do this with a good functioning nervous system, which is making my life fuller. ” concludes Ira.



He knows that his journey to a healthy spine and nervous system has just begun. This is the main reason why he doesn’t want to abandon the chiropractic care that has improved his mobility, posture, general state of health and overall quality of life.



By Dr. Daniel KnowlesNovember 12, 2014
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