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  • 2016 Christmas Charity Toy Drive in Boulder, Colorado

    Christmas is the time to spread love, positivity, and prosperity. All the negativities and grudges should be left behind and the feeling of love and joy should prevail. Many people indulge in activities that include gifting presents to your loved ones and friends. If you have a thorough look at your surroundings, you may see […]

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  • Join us for a party!

    The Annual 15 Street Design District Crawl is coming up, and we are going to be hosting a party! The event is Friday, April 29th, 5:00pm to 8:00pm on 15th Street between Canyon and Arapahoe, that’s right, just in front of our office. What are the happenings? Live music, McDevitt’s tacos, Fast Eddie’s hot dogs, Petey Bird […]

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  • New Beastie Boy Addition at Network Family Wellness Center

    Beastie Boys shirt at chiropractic center

    When you come into Network Family Wellness Center next, please notice the new addition in the reception area. There’s a yellow autographed Beastie Boys shirt from several years ago that…

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  • Subluxations Don’t Take Vacations

    This summer, especially July, is when we all take well deserved vacations.  Last year, my family and I really enjoyed our one week camping trip in Yellowstone and Jackson Hole.  Having never been there, we were astounded by its beauty and being in nature.  Also we really enjoyed the family time, and we look forward […]

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  • Holidays That Focus on Nutrition

    When it comes to holidays in March, everyone knows that St. Patrick’s Day is the big one.  But did you know that March is also National Nutrition Month?  It even has bragging rights to two other “green” holidays that can help you celebrate your own health.   March 22nd  – World Water Day   March […]

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  • Your Season of Renewal

    Most healing modalities focus on restoring and relieving.  The intention is to bring a person back to a prior state or release something that’s ailing them.  True chiropractic and true healing overall is really not about restoring or going backwards.  It’s not even really about getting rid of something that you’re not enjoying the experience […]

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  • Celebrating Success Yet?

    Back in January we issued a challenge to our readers: Rather than being stuck all year in the initial stages of “believing” that you can do hard things, we asked you to step out of your comfort zone and start DOING the things in your life that would bring positive change. Did you write your […]

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  • Heart Smart Nutrition and Nervous System Boulder Colorado

    Dr. Daniel Knowles chiropractor from Boulder chiropractic office network family want to center will be sharing heart smart nutrition and nervous system tips to maximize your well-being join us there Thursday, February 26 6:30 PM www.networkwellness centers.com

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  • 12 Days of Health and Wellness

    Holidays Bring Stress, Pains to Many; Boulder Chiropractors Offer “12 Days of Health and Wellness” for a Healthy, Happy Season Boulder, CO – The upcoming holiday season is full of reasons for good cheer, but the added demands of  the season can also stress the capacities of our bodies. Research shows that stress and unhealthy […]

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  • Chiropractic and the 1918 flu pandemic – Dan Murphy, D.C.

      5 minute clip from Dr. Dan Murphy’s “Chiropractic and the Immune System” talk.  See the complete series of 16 short health talks given by Dr. Murphy

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