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  • Be Grateful For Your Symptoms

    The body is absolutely miraculous. It coordinates an incredible number of biochemical and neurological reactions on an ongoing basis without you having to think about it. The body consistently coordinates everything behind the scenes and we should be thankful for this intelligence. This is a foundational principle to the chiropractic healing art. It is this […]

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  • Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, Your Spine And Your Emotions

    Kurt Cobain talking about his back pain

    Nirvana’s rock album, Nevermind, turned twenty-five this month. Many say the album defined music in the 1990s, and the life and death of lead singer, Kurt Cobain, also had a significant cultural impact. I remember listening to that album quite frequently and also being shocked by his passing as many were. In a recent article published […]

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  • The Three Secrets To A Strong, Healthy, Well Aligned Spine

    Person with a healthy spinal cord

    There is a central triad that forms the foundation to maximize function and quality of life. Within this triad, people will tend to have one area that is easier and one that tends to be a place of difficulty, pain, or distraction. These three principles of physiological change are crucial to understand and apply to […]

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  • Back Surgery Is Useless

    Physisican finding the root cause of back pain

    That is what the New York Times said two weeks ago about back surgery and many other surgeries. “Useless” may seem like a strong word, but we really have to look closely as a culture about the effectiveness of invasive procedures. There are many medications — countless medications on the market — that are supposed […]

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  • Have You Ever Felt A Difficult Day In Your Spine?

    Have you ever felt a difficult day at work or day with your family, or even a holiday in your spine? At the end of the day, have you ever felt like your spine was holding you hostage? Or perhaps, have you ever woken up feeling that way already, only to find it get worse […]

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  • Does Texting Take Your Breath Away?

    People texting affecting their health

    Everywhere you go you see people on mobile devices. Think about or visualize the posture of a person on a mobile device. Their head is down, chin to the chest, looking towards the ground, with their shoulders slumped and their neck in a reverse curve. This pandemic posture, called anterior head syndrome posture or “text […]

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  • Healing Lower Back Pain From Within Or Not?

    Healing your lower back pain

    As someone who has specialized and held a primary focus on neural spinal structure, behavior, perception and overall spinal health for over twenty years, I always watch what is being recommended to people wanting a healthier spine and nerve system throughout the health care world. At Network Family Wellness Center, our primary focus has always […]

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  • The Connection Between Running And Your Nervous System

    When it comes to function and performance, your nervous system is in control, literally. Your central nervous system controls and coordinates every aspect of your body, from organ function and performance to…

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  • The Foundation of Sitting and Standing

    People sitting with good posture

    We may change partners, homes, vehicles, computers, and mobile phones. However, we really truly have only one place to live while we are here: our body. The shape, position, tension, and tone of our spine and nervous system greatly impacts our experience of life and our body. How we hold ourselves, both sitting and standing, is […]

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  • 9.3 Hours a Day That’s Taking Years Off Your Life

    person sitting with bad posture

    There’s an activity that humans are doing across our culture that is killing us insidiously. It’s called sitting and we should be treating it like an epidemic. We all have 24 hours each day. Of that 24 hours, the average American spends 7.7 hours sleeping and 9.3 hours sitting. So, how long is too long […]

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