• I would recommend this place if you need a chiropractor. They are friendly and give gentle adjustments. Everyone is very caring.
    - Monica Tremblay
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  • Personal Growth Expert, Tony Robbins, Says NSA is the “Most Powerful Source of Transformation”

    Have you heard the name Tony Robbins? We’re guessing, you have. He is one of the most famous personal growth experts in the world. Have you heard of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)? If not, we want to help you learn more

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  • Do You Like It Hard Or Soft?

    When people think of chiropractic care for their spine they think of someone twisting or cracking their neck or part of their spine and forcibly moving their body with hard motions. Did you know it doesn’t have to be that way? In fact, hard motions and more noise is not necessarily better. When someone is caring […]

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  • Helping Locals Feel and Function Better With An Unconventional Approach

    Local community meeting place

    An Unconventional Approach to Healthcare and Chiropractic In our current healthcare landscape, people are often presented with and indoctrinated into the conventional approaches, which are generally focused around getting the quick fix or quick release. Irrespective of the healing art, people can experience relief using this “band-aid” type of approach, while at the same time […]

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  • The NFWC Team Leads the Way in Spinal Chiropractic Research

    Chiropractors with new spinal research

    If you are familiar with our practice, then you know it is our unique focus differentiates us from many conventional chiropractic offices. The effects of neurological, behavioral and structural shifts alter alignment and nerve system integrity which can lead to a reduced quality of life and unnecessary health concerns as well as pain…

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  • Orchestrate Your Spine and Your Life

    Orchestrating Your Spine in Your Life

    Orchestration of Your Spine,Your Nervous System and Your Life by Donald Epstein, D.C.   After an hour of working in the garden, you try to straighten up, and find it difficult to do and a bit painful. But you know you are strong, work out regularly and consider yourself fit. You continue working anyway and […]

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  • The Boulder Back Pain Clinic You’ll Love

    Sitting for a long time, standing for a long time, laying down for a long time, basically doing anything at all can bring it on. The wrong shoes, the wrong chair, the wrong posture, everything seems to lend to the constant ache that never seems to leave your lower back. You may have even tried different […]

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  • The Holistic Approach to Caring for the Spine and Its Remarkable Benefits

    A healthy mind in a healthy body, the translation of the popular Latin quotation “Mens sana in corpore sano” is the principle that should guide our lives. Unfortunately, a wide range of disruptive elements prevent us from achieving and preserving an ideal interior and exterior balance. Stress comes in many forms.     Most people […]

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  • Everybody loves healingfest

    HealingFest is an outstanding celebration of life, which includes this February, the magical combination of Donny Epstein’s 156th Transformational Gate and The 12 Stages of Healing program.     It’s Valentine’s Day at HealingFest and we will together celebrate the 25th ANNIVERSARY of the very first Transformational Gate! Everybody loves a great party and more […]

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  • Relief in breathing and posture made possible by Boulder chiropractor

    Practice member of Boulder Chiropractic office Network Family Wellness Center Prescott fields first visited  NFWC to facilitate the continuing of openings along his spine and to connect with and heal “stuck” areas since his last Network session was years ago with another practitioner.     Prescott shares that since visiting Drs. Daniel & Richelle Knowles, D.C. his […]

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  • Coming up with changes and transitions together with Network care

      Old age doesn’t always mean poor health and disability. We’re not getting any younger so we need to think of preventive measures for healthy aging. Eating healthier, exercise and stress management are some. But we also need to have the right people to guide us.     I am starting to get up in […]

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