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Resources: Nutrition

  • Boost Your Wellness

      CDC researchers say that only 2% of men meet the USDA’s daily recommendation for fruit and vegetables. If you find yourself among the 98% of men who need nutritional motivation, check this out. Seven or more servings of produce may drop your risk of an early death, a 2014 British study found. That’s because […]

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  • Gluten: A Cause of Inflammation

    How gluten can cause inflammation

    Gluten sensitivity causes inflammation as part of a malabsorption syndrome.  Symptoms may go unnoticed for a time, but the body’s reactions can be cumulative after years of ingesting gluten.  Initial symptoms can sometimes be mistaken for general fatigue and weariness.  But this type of inflammatory reaction which persists in the gut can be directly linked […]

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  • Living well Tip change your behavior and detoxification in Boulder Colorado

  • Chiropractor in Boulder Colorado warns of 33 reasons you don’t want GMO’s IN your food

    Here are (33) reasons you don’t want GMO’s IN your food:     1) GMO production requires the heavy use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals.     2) GMOs contain foreign genes for which the harmful side-effects are largely unknown.     3) There has never been a single long-term safety study conducted on […]

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  • Boulder Chiropractor Warns Against Soda

    Big news this past week:  the mayor of NYC has legislation in the works to limit the size of soda that can be served at one time.  I know that may seem a bit far out, but the city of New York was the first community in the US to take a pro-active position to […]

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  • Chiropractor in boulder shares simple ways to get happy

    Simple Ways to Get Happy Take control of your mood and improve your health. Here are (9) ideas to get you started. Choose the ones that work for you. If tuning out the news or making lists will serve only to stress you further, try one of these approaches.     1. Practice mindfulness. Be […]

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  • Boulder Chiropractor Warns Against Energy Drinks

    Abusing Energy Drinks More than 500 ‘NEW’ energy drinks launched worldwide this year, and coffee fans are probably too old to understand why. Energy drinks aren’t merely popular with young people. They taste like carbonated cough syrup.     Vying for the dollars of teenagers with promises of weight loss, increased endurance and legal highs, […]

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  • Boulder Chiropractic Doctors, Dr. Daniel And Dr. Richelle Knowles DC, Offer Food Management Program

    Network Family Wellness Center and Boulder chiropractic team, Dr. Daniel Knowles D. C. And Dr. Richelle Knowles, D. C. Offer a food management program that provides optimal results for Boulder weight loss efforts.     PRESS RELEASE: Boulder, CO, 12-JANUARY-2012 – Network Family Wellness Center and Boulder chiropractic team, Dr. Daniel Knowles D. C., and […]

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