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Chiropractic Care Has Helped Me Handle My Insomnia

Chiropractic Care Has Helped Me Handle My Insomnia

Chiropractic Care Has Helped Me Handle My Insomnia

Chiropractic care can bring you closer to a healthier spine and nerve system. However, its benefits are not limited to this area of your body. On the contrary, holistic chiropractic sessions can improve your mood, boost your, help you correct your posture and find the best solution to your insomnia. Susan and Hans P. have already witnessed all these positive changes and feel ready to share their story with all those who would like to stay healthy and reach an interior and exterior balance without surgery or medication.

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Why We Came to NFWC

“I came at my husband’s suggestion based on changes he was experiencing and hopefully to help with my insomnia,” remembers Susan. On the other hand, Hans was dealing with a wide array of unpleasant symptoms, including stiff neck, neck pain, headaches, migraines, vertigo, and general discomfort.


The Chiropractic Results That Have Improved Our Quality of Life

“My body feels more comfortable, more relaxed and I’m sleeping a little better which helps everything,” reveals Susan. At the same time, Hans is no stranger to the benefits of holistic chiropractic care. Due to the gentle adjustments delivered by the NFWC experts, Hans is no longer dealing with migraines; his headaches are less frequent and he has also succeeded in controlling his upsetting neck pain without taking any medication.

Why We Continue to Receive Care

Susan and Hans want to stick to this healthy routine to see what other improvements they can experience.  “Perhaps I will get my sleep even more improved.  And I would also like chiropractic sessions to help me maintain my level of activity outdoors,” explains Susan. Hans is happy with his overall evolution, but still realizes that chiropractic care can help him establish an even deeper connection with his own body to manage pain and discomfort and enhance his wellbeing.

“I understand it’s a process.  There is still room for improvement!” concludes Hans, who is always eager to profit from the knowledge, skills and expertise of the dependable NFWC chiropractors.


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By Dr. Daniel KnowlesDecember 2, 2014
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