• I would recommend this place if you need a chiropractor. They are friendly and give gentle adjustments. Everyone is very caring.
    - Monica Tremblay
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Chiropractic Care Helped Cope Nerve and Tissue Damage

Chiropractic Care Helped Cope Nerve and Tissue Damage

Chiropractic Care Helped Cope Nerve and Tissue Damage

Dr Knowles with patient with nerve damage

It’s not always easy to understand the messages that your body is trying to send you. Sometimes you may choose to ignore a persistent pain, neglecting the fact that it may represent the main symptom of a serious health concern. Mike L. now understands that this is an incorrect approach. Diagnosed with nerve and tissue damage, Mike has tried to close his eyes to the discomfort that he was experiencing on a daily basis. Nonetheless, the powerful impact of neck and lower back pain on his overall quality of life has forced him to take this matter into his own hands.



Why I Came to NFWC



“I had lower back and neck pain. MDs diagnosed me with nerve and tissue damage,” states Mike. His desire to improve his well being and fight the excruciating pain that was compromising his mobility and good mood is the main factor that led him to schedule a first appointment with the skilled chiropractors from Network Family Wellness Center.



The Chiropractic Results That I’ve Been Waiting for Are Finally Noticeable



“I’ve greatly reduced pain in my arms!” affirms Mike, who is extremely pleased with his overall evolution. His regular trips to Network Family Wellness are now a part of his daily routine and constitute a much-needed escape from reality. The gentle adjustments that the NFWC experts deliver regularly help Mike relax, recharge his batteries and make important steps towards a healthier spine and nerve system.



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Why I Continue to Receive Care



“I keep scheduling appointments with the NFWC chiropractors to keep improving in pain reduction and maintaining current level of pain reduction,” concludes Mike. He interprets every single trip to NFWC as a new opportunity to deepen the bond with his own body, reinforce his coping mechanisms, maintain an ideal posture and embrace a healthier lifestyle, by implementing the expert tips provided by Drs. Daniel & Richelle Knowles, D.C.



*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person and are not guaranteed.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesFebruary 19, 2015
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