• I would recommend this place if you need a chiropractor. They are friendly and give gentle adjustments. Everyone is very caring.
    - Monica Tremblay
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Chiropractic Care Helped Me Sleep Better and Forget Back Pain

Chiropractic Care Helped Me Sleep Better and Forget Back Pain

Chiropractic Care Helped Me Sleep Better and Forget Back Pain

Recent studies show that we spend around 26 years sleeping. Some may find this hard to believe, especially if they are constantly tormented by excruciating back pain that prevents them from catching a wink. Sayde M. is familiar with this problem. For years she has been dealing with debilitating pain that has impacted her lifestyle choices, mood and overall wellbeing. 


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Why I Came to NFWC

Tired of the frequent back issues that she was experiencing, Sayde decided to make a change. After researching different options available in her area, she chose to schedule an appointment with the specialists from the best chiropractic center in the Boulder area. This is how she crossed paths with Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles D.C., two of the most caring people that she has ever met.


Chiropractic Results
The gentle adjustments that Sayde receives at Network Family Wellness Center have already paid off. She has been sleeping a lot better lately; not to mention the fact that she experiences a lot less tension in her back.


Why I Continue to Receive Care
People who have struggled for years in a row to address stubborn neck and back pain do not give up easily, especially when they begin to see the first signs of improvement. Encouraged by her wonderful progress, Sayde is determined to let the NFWC staff members help her revisit and improve her set of relaxation techniques while making a few more steps towards perfect spinal health. “Seeing the improvements I’ve made so far, I look forward to what is still to come as I continue care,” says Sayde, who enjoys every single minute of her self-discovery journey that was made possible by the chiropractors from NFWC.


*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person and are not guaranteed.


By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJune 25, 2015
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