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Chiropractic Care Made My Stubborn Shoulder Pain Go Away

Chiropractic Care Made My Stubborn Shoulder Pain Go Away

Chiropractic Care Made My Stubborn Shoulder Pain Go Away

Shoulder pain is often neglected, until it starts to become a very disturbing problem that can no longer be ignored. Rodney V. is no stranger to this situation.


Why I Came to NFWC


For years in a row, he has tried to cope with the persistent shoulder pain that lowered his quality of life and reduced his freedom of movement. His left shoulder was hurting him to the point that he could not ride his bike for more than 10 minutes. Displeased with the results that he achieved on his own while struggling to minimize his discomfort, Rodney turned to excellent chiropractic care ensured by the Network Family Wellness Center.


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The Chiropractic Results That Have Helped Me Unlock My Full Potential


He didn’t have to wait long to experience the first notable signs of improvement. Within 5 months his shoulder quit hurting, plus other body parts were also feeling better. Pleased with his progress, Rodney is always trying to follow the advice provided by NFWC specialists to improve his sleep, correct his posture, prevent and manage painful episodes and ultimately lead a much more active and fulfilling life. The adjustments delivered by the dependable chiropractors have helped Rodney get rid of his debilitating shoulder, revamp his pain coping mechanism and improve his general state of health. At this point, he couldn’t ask for more.


Why I Continue to Receive Care


Even if Rodney is 100% satisfied with his evolution, he is fully aware of the fact that successful chiropractic care requires the highest level of consistency and commitment. This is why he is constantly revisiting the NFWC chiropractors who are actively involved in his positive transformation. At this point, Rodney is happy to say that his sessions have led to less pain and an increased ability to stay active for longer periods of time. What does hurt, only hurts for a few minutes, as Rodney can now control his body and mind and reduce the impact of pain on his mood and overall lifestyle.


*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person and are not guaranteed.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesMay 28, 2015
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