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Chiropractic – No Way – now I am better

Chiropractic – No Way – now I am better

Chiropractic – No Way – now I am better


The best chiropractors and so I was like, they were just these bone crackers there were this there was that and I was like there’s no way in H E L L that I was ever going to go to a chiropractor.  But then a couple of years ago I hurt my back in gardening and I literally wasn’t paying attention.  I bent over for like half an hour like weeding and then I tried to stand up but I couldn’t stand up.  So I was in a lot of pain I can barely walk for an entire week.  Slowly I got better, but I was doing other things so, but progressively it was just getting got worse and worse.  And I was having moments where my back would collapse to the pain I couldn’t walk.

And so finally there was a different organization that came into our work and did like a free massage and all this.  And they wanted us to come to their clinic and get you know get x-rays and all that and I really had a bad experience with them. And one of my employees actually started seeing Dr. Danny and Dr. Richelle and she was like, you should really go see them.  I was really scared because the first people that I had to go see is just not a good experience.  And I don’t think I ever told you guys about that so, it’s like sitting there like in total fear. But it’s actually been a great experiencing.

One of things I do for fun is ski racing.  I’ve been doing that for about 12 or 15 years something like that. And I noticed that some of my respiratory breathing and all that.  Like I can get tense before races or something right.  And like I’ll go up and jump or something and my back will go cease or something, but if I start breathing into that area, it completely releases the tension and the pain.  And I’ve noticed so much more.. Because I used to be ballerina for 20 years like I’m really like into my body like.  I can feel things into my body but this is just so different like I know now what I can and can’t do and they’re helping me like cause I know my left turn is not as good as my right turn when I’m racing.  But I never knew that before I just knew that, oh I washed out on my left turn and I didn’t know why.  You know so like really getting a connection I can actually train and work on that.  You know because I had so many problems in my back before that I didn’t know that I didn’t even know what to do.  So I was always like I just try to figure it out and find some other way to work around. But now I don’t have to do that now I know what I can work on so it’s been miraculous isn’t it?

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesMay 27, 2015
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