• My lower back has straightened out quite nicely, and my neck is slowly getting better too. I don’t get sinus infections as often either. Far less back pain than I had before back pain that kept me quite frequently from my work and from doing what I love. I love the staff here too.

    - Britanny Balke
  • “I’m looking forward to all you can offer me and my family, my prayers are with you all every day, from my heart to yours.”

    - Rosie
  • “Healing is a journey and Dr. Danny and Dr. Richelle will be active participants and guide on this journey with you.”

    - Jen
  • “Not only did my knee start feeling better but my body started to open up. “

    - Barbara Tejada
  • “I now handle my own stress and guide others to better handle their problems. Thanks a ton, my whole life is easier.”

    - Don Poe
  • “Frequency duration and intensity of the pain is decreasing.”

    - Chris Dyer
  • “Pain drastically decreased.”

    - Ingrid Castrojon
  • “The wellness center was another source to improve our quality of life, mental attitude, posture and our balance as well as our focus.”

    - Russ and Patt Holmberg
  • “I am 54 years old but I feel younger and healthier than when I was 24.”

    - Gloria Lamboy
  • “Our Doctors at NFWC are “straightening” me up!”

    - Darcy D.
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Darcy D.

Doctor's Blog

NFWC Gave Me Chronic Back Pain and Migraine Relief





My name is Ashley Jones, I am 29 years old and I have been coming to Network Family Wellness Centers now for 2 years and before coming to this office. I have pretty severed chronic back pain for 4-5 years and I have also experienced chronic migraines at least once a month since I was in high school. And since coming to Network Family Wellness Centers I am happy to report that I no longer have back pain I get about 1 -2 migraine a year still it’s very infrequent as supposed to something that I dealt on a monthly basis and my overall health has improved greatly. I highly recommend this for anyone who is experiencing any kind of pain or just interested in doing something better for your health this is the best thing you can possibly do for your health! I have no idea why everyone isn’t flooding this office you should try it try it for a couple of weeks it’s going to have a huge improvement and you are going to help just like I am.



Boulder, CO chiropractors Daniel and Richelle Knowles, D.C. Have gentle, Painless, state of the art care focused on NeuroStructural Optimization to help you feel and function at your best!

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesAugust 6, 2015
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