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Counting on Premium Chiropractic Care to Lose Weight and Eliminate Headaches

Counting on Premium Chiropractic Care to Lose Weight and Eliminate Headaches

Counting on Premium Chiropractic Care to Lose Weight and Eliminate Headaches

Dr Knowles with Weight Loss patient


Only a few people actually realize that frequent headaches, and even at times those annoying extra pounds, are signs that our own body gives us to warn us that we are neglecting it. Perhaps we are working too much and eating too much. Maybe we always “forget” to exercise or take the time that we need to unwind. Or maybe we just let stress get the best of us. Either way, all these scenarios point to major lifestyle mistakes that could stop us from attaining our health and wellness goals. Carolyn M. was experiencing this before she visited Network Family Wellness Center.



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What Brought Me to NFWC?



Struggling to lose a few extra pounds and get rid of annoying headaches, Carolyn decided to schedule an appointment with the chiropractic experts from the Network Family Wellness Center. “I came to NFWC to lose weight,” remembers Carolyn. Tired of diets and so-called miraculous remedies that only enabled her to experience the frustrating yo-yo effect, she wanted to try a new approach. She lost 45 pounds on the special, doctor-supervised weight loss program administered by the team at NFWC.  After her success, Carolyn decided to give specialized chiropractic care a try in hopes it would improve the connection with her body and eliminate her previously frequent headaches.



Chiropractic Results



After her first trips to NFWC, Carolyn started to observe the first signs of improvement. Her old clothes fit her once again and “No more headaches! I’ve lost 45 pounds,” affirms Carolyn. She is delighted with her progress and realizes that her appointments with Drs. Daniel & Richelle Knowles, D.C. represent a giant first step in the right direction.



Why I Continue



Once you find the tool that boosts your wellness and improves your general state of health, stick to it.  Just like continued healthy eating and exercise, consistent chiropractic is key to long term health.  This is an important life lesson that people like Carolyn have learned at NFWC.  “It feels good. I’m amazed that my headaches are gone—it’s a miracle!” says Carolyn.



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By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJune 2, 2014
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