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Do You Really Want Someone To Fix You?

Do You Really Want Someone To Fix You?

Do You Really Want Someone To Fix You?

Is that really what you want? Someone to just fix the pain, fix the problem, fix the shoulder, fix the neck, fix the back, fix the stress, fix your ankle, fix your syndrome, fix your depression? Is that really all you’re looking for? I ask because so frequently this is what people say: “Can you just fix my headaches?” or “If only you could fix my lower back pain.” The challenge is that then you’re only fixed until the next time you need fixed.

So often in life people are doing the same thing and getting the same result. At work, with their family, how they eat, what they do with their body, how they exercise, etc. Doing the same things and asking the same questions over and over will only get you the same modalities and solutions. Most often people ask for small things to be fixed but that just keeps everything status quo or close to it. They never ask the bigger questions:

What if instead of temporarily fixing something it was possible to optimize your experience, to optimize your health, to optimize how you move?
What if it were possible to optimize your adaptability for faster recovery from injury or to optimize your structure to avoid injury altogether?
What if your body and mind could become more resilient, more capable, so you could handle more with less stress?
Most people just don’t know that these things are possible because they don’t ask the bigger questions. If you always ask the same questions you’ll always get the same results.

If you want more out of life, you have to ask different questions. If you want to optimize your experience of your body and your life, you have to try something different, try a different approach. After all, do you want to repeat the same year over and over again? Do you really think you should just be degrading year after year, or do you think it is possible for you to have a better experience than last year? Do you think it is possible for you to feel better five years from now than you do now?

We know it is possible. Optimizing your structure, optimizing your behavior, and optimizing your perception will change your physiology and your life. Just asking to have someone fix you, or fix a part of you, is not going to get you there. You are not broken; you are not just pieces and parts to be fixed. When you come to us for help we never see you as broken, as someone who needs to be fixed. We always see a person for the inner champion that they really are.

Contact us at Network Family Wellness Center to discover why different is working for so many people. We offer a brief consultation, which is simply a conversation to find out what you would like to have less of in your life and what you would like to have more of. If we can help optimize your body, it’ll only contribute to you not needing to be “fixed” as often and you may have a little bit more fun.

Call us at 303-998-1000 or click here to schedule a brief consultation.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesOctober 13, 2017

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