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Doctors Ignore Simple Way To Prevent Cancer

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Doctors Ignore Simple Way To Prevent Cancer

Prevent CancerDespite continued evidence that people can greatly reduce their risk of cancer by eating properly, medical doctors often ignore the topic of nutrition when talking with patients. Although numerous “cancer fighting” drugs are being introduced into the marketplace each year, the best “medicine” might be in the produce aisle. That was the conclusion of researchers who published their findings in the British Medical Journal. Technically described as a “Randomised controlled trial of effect of fruit and vegetable consumption on plasma concentrations of lipids and antioxidants,”the research paper’s conclusion was easy to understand. Basically, people who eat small quantities of fruits and vegetables can help protect themselves against cancer by increasing their consumption. The study’s authors asked 87 people who normally ate three or fewer servings of fruits and vegetables to eat eight servings over a period of eight weeks. Results showed that their blood concentrations of vitamin C and beta-carotene increased in direct proportion to the increased dietary intake of fruits and vegetables. Concentrations of antioxidants at this level, said the authors, are likely to reduce the risk of cancer. Yet, medical doctors rarely discuss diet with their patients, and few seem willing to recommend a good diet rather than write a prescription. This is partly due to a lack of education on the topic. Because the M.D.’s focus is on how to treat specific diseases with surgery or the more than 6,000 drugs now on the market, medical students are given virtually no training in nutrition. SOURCE: British Medical Journal, June 21, 1997



By Dr. Daniel KnowlesApril 6, 2015

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