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“FEEL” YOUR BEST & “LOOK” YOUR BEST With This Safe Effective DHEA Creme

“FEEL” YOUR BEST & “LOOK” YOUR BEST With This Safe Effective DHEA Creme

“FEEL” YOUR BEST & “LOOK” YOUR BEST With This Safe Effective DHEA Creme

dhea1Safe effective DHEA Crème’ from West Coast Anti Aging is a 100%,  all natural creme that restores vigor and vitality while helping you feel lean ‘fit’ and ‘trim’ again.



IMAGINE naturally restoring your youthful vigor by using a simple crème that you apply, once to twice a day.



This specially formulated creme restores YOUR youthful vigor, without the worries of side effects.



There’s  been a number of articles written about the rejuvenating benefits of DHEA in the magazines, so pay attention.  Within a few weeks of applying this crème you’re going to feel leaner, fitter and more energetic overall. You’ll even start to sleep better at night.



DHEA is a naturally occurring compound. It is the most abundant pro-hormone or building block for hormones in your system; but what most people do not realize is we gradually make less and less DHEA AFTER about age 25.



DHEA is called the “the mother of all hormones”.



DHEA is an important building block for 50 different hormones. Whether male or female, studies have shown youthful DHEA levels are tied to good health, while low levels of DHEA are tied to numerous health problems.  DHEA is a safe, effective way to look your best and feel your best without any plastic surgery, no matter how old you are.



The crème is the secret. It provides the daily user DHEA in the right way – through the skin.



Clinical research reveals that 88% of DHEA metabolism occurs in the skin.* This discovery adds logical credence to the application of West Coast’s Anti Aging bio-identical DHEA crème on the skin as the best way to get DHEA into your system. The skin is where we use DHEA.
* (Labrie, et al. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Feb. 2008)



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