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Finding the Key to a Pain-Free Future

Finding the Key to a Pain-Free Future

Finding the Key to a Pain-Free Future

Dr Knowles with Amanda

Once chronic pain becomes a part of your life, your sense of fulfillment is gradually being replaced by frustration and anxiety. The pain in your back, hips and neck can become a gigantic obstacle stopping you from preserving a healthy, active lifestyle. Fortunately, it is in your power to win the battle with this major impediment and unlock the door to a brighter, happier, pain-free future.



Amanda K. is only one of the many patients who have discovered that the specialists employed by a chiropractic center, located in the Boulder County area, can actually guide her steps in the right direction: towards a healthy spine.



The whole process was enjoyable and time-effective.  Most importantly, it did not involve potentially risky surgery or medication. By relying on the skills, expertise and spinal adjustment techniques used by Drs. Daniel & Richelle Knowles, D.C.the chiropractor specialists from the Network Family Wellness Center, Amanda K. managed to turn her health concerns into a distant memory. Since pain is now a thing of the past, she is free to focus her entire attention on the things that matter to her the most: her family, school activities and sports.



Why I Came to NFWC


“I could no longer live with the pain in my neck, back and hips. I felt limited in every area of my life, from school to sports,” remembers Amanda K. She understands that chronic pain can change your life for good, forcing you to abandon your hobbies, sink into depression and isolate yourself from the rest of the world.



Specialists from the chiropractic Boulder center stimulated her internal healing potential, reduced her spinal tension and allowed her to discover and perfect her very own, spinal self-corrective capabilities. Now, Amanda knows how to prevent back, neck, shoulder and hip pain. She is no longer intimidated by these health concerns, as she has finally won the fight with chronic pain that was governing her universe.


The Joy Brought by Excellent Chiropractic Results

Amanda feels encouraged to go back to her old lifestyle. She knows that, due to professional chiropractic care, she can profit once again from the highest level of mobility and explore new calorie-consuming hobbies that give her great satisfaction.



“I’m pain free! I have an amazing team on my side! Thank you Network Family! I’m finally getting the most out of my body and, therefore, my life! Now I’m so active I can’t keep still! “, affirms Amanda.



Why I Continue to Receive Care


Despite the fact that she has already managed to eliminate her excruciating pain, Amanda is fully aware of the fact that she has won a battle, not the war. She knows that her therapeutic sessions are gradually bringing her one step closer to her end goal: a flawless interior and exterior balance. Professionals specialized in chiropractic care teach her everything she should know about self-healing methods. Amanda benefits from gentle adjustments that improve her general state of health and show her that even the most terrible pain can be annihilated.



“Every adjustment gets me moving more and feeling more connected. Learning how to release tension is a gift for a lifetime, concludes Amanda”. She smiles, knowing that her spine and her future are both in good hands.



*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person and are not guaranteed.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesMarch 3, 2014
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