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First-Class Chiropractic Has Helped Me Eliminate Neck Pain, Numbness and Tingling

First-Class Chiropractic Has Helped Me Eliminate Neck Pain, Numbness and Tingling

First-Class Chiropractic Has Helped Me Eliminate Neck Pain, Numbness and Tingling

Dr Knowles with patient Brad

Tingling and numbness are two types of abnormal sensations experienced by many, can vary in intensity and frequency, and are commonly felt in legs, arms, feet, fingers and hands.  These symptoms are associated with various causes, and can include pressure on spinal nerves triggered spinal alignment issues.



When numbness meets persistent neck pain, your entire life can become a real nightmare. Brad Steinmetz is one of the many people forced to battle these two disrupting factors.



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The Reasons Why I Chose the NFWC Specialists




“I had extensive neck pain and numbness in my arm and fingers,” remembers Brad. Pain and numbness are a dangerous duo that can stop you from functioning properly at home and at the office. Luckily, Brad started to conduct some research on the benefits of holistic chiropractic care and decided to test this approach. This is how he first got to Network Family Wellness Center.  Here he met Drs. Daniel & Richelle Knowles, D.C., world-class chiropractic specialists, who showed him just how important a healthy nervous system really is. He chose in favor of NFWC mostly due to the center’s impeccable reputation.



What Changed?



At NFWC, Brad discovered a relaxing, nurturing environment. By delivering gentle adjustments, experienced chiropractors enabled him to boost his mobility and reduce the frequency of painful episodes.



“I’ve had much less pain and numbness. The mobility in my neck has improved too. I can actually turn my head to the side!” states Brad.



Why I Continue to Receive Care



Now that he has finally found the key to a healthier existence, Brand doesn’t plan to stop here.



“I will continue this series of improvements leading toward a more comfortable existence. It is a great feeling knowing that I am doing things which will make me healthier,” affirms Brad, who is now certain that premium chiropractic care has improved his quality of life and deepened his connection with his own body.



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By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJune 23, 2014
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