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How a Wellness Chiropractic Center Changed My Life for the Best

How a Wellness Chiropractic Center Changed My Life for the Best

How a Wellness Chiropractic Center Changed My Life for the Best

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A sedentary lifestyle can put our health on the line and make us struggle to overcome muscle pain and stiffness. Since most people spend at least 8 hours a day trapped in their offices, they seldom have the time and energy required to exercise, or to discover a new, healthy active hobby or even just to pay attention to the signals sent by their weakened, overly stressed bodies.



Men and women of all ages are exposed to at least 6 types of stress: emotional, chemical, physical, mental, nutritional and traumatic. Stress impacts our wellbeing and stops us from attaining a balanced and healthy life.



Allison H. was one of those people who had difficulty managing disruptive physical elements. She was eager to find a way to eliminate her neck pain, which was stopping her from living a healthy, comfortable life.  Allison was looking for more than just a pain relief solution. She was interested in finding the best modality to boost her well-being and change her lifestyle for the best.



She found what she was looking for by visiting our Boulder Network Family Wellness Center. With her first appointment she found excellent chiropractors who embrace a patient-oriented approach and deliver advanced spinal care to eliminate neck, back and shoulder pain.  They also offered her valuable, expert guidance, enabling Allison to implement beneficial changes in various aspects of wellness.  The Boulder chiropractors at Network Family Wellness Center offer Allison and all of their clients expert guidance in  many areas of health including personalized exercise instruction,  proper nutrition, weight loss, and home spinal care techniques.




“I came to Network Family Wellness Center to avoid future problems with my neck,” says Allison.



The Chiropractic Results That Change Lives



Drs. Daniel & Richelle Knowles, D.C. enabled Allison to find the key to a healthy spine and prevent factors triggering her neck pain. Diverse lifestyle stresses are the main cause of nerve interference, a common problem needs to be addressed in a timely fashion to prevent much more serious problems in the future.



“My neck has been feeling great,” affirms Allison.



She continues to receive care because she understands that she is on the right path, towards an optimal physical and mental balance.



“I still visit Network Family Wellness Center to continue to work on my neck and avoid problems in the future. I like to come because it feels so good,” concludes Allison.



She is no longer afraid that pain and muscle stiffness will stand in the way of her wellbeing.




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By Dr. Daniel KnowlesMarch 13, 2014
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