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How Chiropractic Results Can Strengthen Your Connection with Your Body

How Chiropractic Results Can Strengthen Your Connection with Your Body

How Chiropractic Results Can Strengthen Your Connection with Your Body

An ideal state of health is not just the absence of infirmities and diseases. The concept of optimal health comprises more elements than some people would be inclined to think, including physical strength, emotional and mental well being and family and community connections. Any disruptive factors that could impact one of the components listed above can result in a loss of overall health and well being.



Michelle L.was looking for such an increase in her family’s quality of life when she scheduled an appointment with the chiropractic experts from Network Family Wellness Center in Boulder. Concerned about the development and the welfare of her kids, she decided to take them to see Drs. Daniel & Richelle Knowles, D.C.


Why I came to NFWC

“My children were experiencing some symptoms, and I got to get treated with them,” says Michelle. Within a few sessions, she has already noticed greater awareness of her body. At this point, she is more attuned to her self-healing capabilities.



The Exceptional Chiropractic Results That Reinforced My Connection with My Own Body



Michelle practices yoga and already did a lot to preserve a healthy way of life. Even so, the chiropractic results experienced after a few appointments at Network Family Wellness Center exceeded her expectations.  Michelle has noticed reduced spinal tension, her yoga practice has improved and her lower back has more movement.
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Why I Continue to Receive Care



“I want to continue to progress through the levels of care. Looking forward to continued physical changes as well as a deeper sense of well being,” says Michelle. Taking into consideration the amazing chiropractic results experienced so far, there’s no doubt in her mind that she wants to stay on the same path and continue to experience the guidance of skilled chiropractic specialists.



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By Dr. Daniel KnowlesMarch 27, 2014
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