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How Holistic Chiropractic Care Enabled Me to Reconnect with My Own Body

How Holistic Chiropractic Care Enabled Me to Reconnect with My Own Body

How Holistic Chiropractic Care Enabled Me to Reconnect with My Own Body

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Quite often, we are under a lot of pressure at home or at the office. We work around the clock to deliver the best results and somehow we end up ignoring the basic needs of our bodies. Unfortunately, a body that has been neglected will eventually send us a few alarm signals, which may vary in intensity. Marilynn Cowgill was no stranger to this situation. She had been struggling to put an end to back pain for years.



Why I Came to NFWC in the First Place



Marilynn visited network Family Wellness Center for the first time “initially for back pain that wasn’t getting better.” Marilyn met chiropractic specialists, Dr. Daniel and Richelle Knowles, DC and Dr. Laura Underhill, DC and was thrilled to find a truly remarkable, nurturing environment, taken to the next level by professionals who have shown thousands of people how to improve their quality of life.



 Drs. Daniel & Richelle Knowles, D.C. have restored her hope, reduced her pain and allowed her to awaken her self-healing potential. Marilynn describes the major improvements that she has recently witnessed in a few words: “less back pain, more flexibility!” But in this case, every single word has a special meaning, because it reveals her positive transformation.



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Why I Continue To Receive Care



Now that pain is out of the picture, Marilynn can direct her time and energy towards the things that matter to her the most. Via gentle spinal adjustments, the chiropractic experts from Network Family Wellness Center have managed to reduce her spinal tension and bring her closer to a perfectly healthy nerve system. It gets better.  The experienced chiropractors at Network Family Wellness Center teach people like Marilynn how to regain their body’s innate ability to heal, how to reduce stress levels, and how to prevent and heal disruptive factors that could impact a healthy nervous system and spine



“I feel that I’m transforming my spine to be healthier. It fits into my holistic self-care. I love this practice. I feel so welcome here!” affirms Marilynn.




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By Dr. Daniel KnowlesApril 18, 2014
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