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How I Managed to Reduce Stress and Improve My Spinal Health

How I Managed to Reduce Stress and Improve My Spinal Health

How I Managed to Reduce Stress and Improve My Spinal Health

Elevated stress levels can make your life a living hell. When you’re incredibly tense, you have the tendency to see the glass as half empty, underestimate your own potential, and damage the healthy relationships that you’ve established with people who play an important part in your life. Cricket B. knows that uncontrollable pain and stress can do that to you.


Why I Came to NFWC

For the longest period of time, Cricket has been dealing with sky-high stress levels, an overall lack of balance, and increased tension associated with a poor spinal health. As she points out, her cats control her sleep, and she needed to be “straightened out.” She wanted the light to shine through her being and the stress to dissipate. In order to address all these problems as efficiently as possible, she decided to schedule her first meeting with the respectable chiropractors from the Network Family Wellness Center.


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Chiropractic Results

Who would have thought that the gentlest chiropractic adjustments can have a huge impact on someone’s life? At this point, Cricket is pleased with the recent signs of improvement that have changed her life for the best. She has just realized that more stress release occurs more frequently; not to mention the fact that she has more symmetry.


Why I Continue to Receive Care

Cricket doesn’t plan to stop here. She wants her body to be at ease. With help from the NFWC chiropractors, she hopes to achieve and maintain a solid interior balance and take better care of her body, mind, and spirit. “The NFWC doctors have tapped into the MAGIC, which delights me to no end!” confesses Cricket, who is stunned by her own rapid, ongoing progress. She notices a difference in how her body feels when she gets adjustments regularly; this process enables her to reduce her stress levels and experience a state of tranquility. Cricket is thrilled to be on the path towards absolute health, well-being, and learning and wants to let the dependable NFWC chiropractic experts guide her throughout her journey of self-discovery.


*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person and are not guaranteed.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJune 4, 2015
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