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How I Succeeded in Managing the Persistent Back Pain That Was Threatening to Ruin My Life

How I Succeeded in Managing the Persistent Back Pain That Was Threatening to Ruin My Life

How I Succeeded in Managing the Persistent Back Pain That Was Threatening to Ruin My Life

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Back pain can disrupt your work flow and your social life at any age. You are never too old or too young to experience stubborn pain and realize that medication is not the right long-term answer to your problem. Brian N. can confirm this statement. Pain was a part of his life for many years in a row. Frustrated by his inability to cope with this issue, he has even considered undergoing surgery.






Why I Came to NFWC



Fortunately, before going under the knife, Brian decided to explore less radical and invasive options. This is how he ended up following the advice of his best friends. All in all, he was curious to find out how gently chiropractic adjustments could influence his general state of health and well being.

“Once upon a time ago two friends referred me to NFWC and suggested it might possibly be an alternative to back pain and back surgery. (They were right!),” remembers Brian.




The Chiropractic Results That Have Already Amazed Me




The positive improvements that he keeps witnessing never cease to amaze him. At Network Family Wellness Center, Brian has rediscovered the value of a healthy nerve system and spine. Every session is a break from reality that brings him closer to a pain-free lifestyle.



My back pain is managed perfectly now! Surgery was not needed and I can continue to work doing physical labor, backpack, and ski the bumps!” states Brian, who is now certain that exceptional holistic chiropractic care is the main element that has favored his progress.



Why I Continue to Receive Care



Most importantly, Brian now understands that there is no quick fix for persistent back pain. At the same time, he acknowledges the fact that the stressors impacting his spinal system are also affecting his mood, attitude towards the people he comes in contact with, and the overall quality of his professional and personal relationships. In this context, chiropractic care has allowed Brian to implement positive changes in his life on both physical and spiritual levels.



“With NFWC there is always a continual and sometimes surprising improvement to my overall physical, psychological, and spiritual health. My allergies are even gone! They are wonderful in this practice and very educational,” concludes Brian. He is no longer considering back pain a solid obstacle in his life. Due to the holistic chiropractic care that he receives, he has managed to reach and maintain an interior and exterior balance and enhance his quality of life.




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By Dr. Daniel KnowlesSeptember 24, 2014
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