• I would recommend this place if you need a chiropractor. They are friendly and give gentle adjustments. Everyone is very caring.
    - Monica Tremblay
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How Our Boulder Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Life

How Our Boulder Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Life

How Our Boulder Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Life

Here at Network Family Wellness Center, our main goal is helping you feel better through our top of the line Boulder massage therapy and chiropractic services. We help the members of our community through premier Network Spinal Care, aiding them to find their inner connection, transform their lives, and find wholeness within themselves. We strive to educate our clients on the importance of a healthy spine and nervous system and the impact it can have on your overall quality of life. Massage therapy can help many different physical conditions and includes several different techniques. Our innovative approach and skilled therapists will have you coming back for more.



People have been using massage therapy for all different sorts of health-related purposes, including pain relief, sports injury rehabilitation, stress reduction, relaxation, anxiety, depression, and general wellness. Studies have shown that massage therapy can help with all types of pain, from lower back pain and chronic neck pain, to pain associated with osteoarthritis and even labor pain. Studies have also concluded that, albeit short term, massage therapy can help cancer patients with pain, promoting relaxation, and boosting mood.



When you come to visit us, you can expect an exceptionally relaxing atmosphere where you will feel extremely comfortable and at home. However, like with anything else, massage therapy isn’t for everyone. People with bleeding disorders, low blood counts, and those who take blood thinners. Women who are pregnant should always consult their primary care physicians before undergoing massage therapy, as well.



If you’re interested in what Network Family Wellness Center’s Boulder massage therapy can do for you, give us a call today!

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesOctober 15, 2014
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