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Inflammation and Disease, Putting Out The Fire

Inflammation and Disease, Putting Out The Fire

Inflammation and Disease, Putting Out The Fire

Time Magazine recently crowned Inflammation the Silent Killer.  On their cover they have linked it to Heart Disease, Cancer, and Alzheimer’s and inside they have linked it to many more life threatening conditions.  They are talking about low grade, chronic systemic inflammation and it is pandemic in our culture.  Many factors contribute to living in an inflammatory state- obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, unhealthy cholesterol levels, diets high in sugar and low in omega 3’s, lack of exercise.


This is an area of your well being that we all need to have a full frontal plan of action towards improving.  There are many action steps that are central to the wellness lifestyle that one can take effectively on their own to get their body to douse the flames of inflammation.  Watch your calories, eat fish and other good fats, rather than saturated fats, consume antioxidants, avoid inflammatory foods and behaviors to name just a few.  One that is most important is the health of your nerve system.


A key role of your nerve system is adaptation.  To help you to adapt to the events that happen to you on a daily basis.  And whether you realize it or not these events are stresses.  Physical, chemical, and emotional stresses happen day in and day out.  And it is the role of your nerve system to help you process and adapt to these without internalizing them.  When your body fails to adapt your body goes into a flight or fight response fanning the flames of inflammation with your stress hormones.


What people don’t realize is that when you fail to adapt to stresses that is what causes subluxations.  This lack of coordination or DIS-EASE is the root cause of the majority of health concerns.  And your body continues to respond to many events, stresses and trauma’s as if they are still happening.  Furthermore, what is referred to as a facilitated neurological pathway is set up.  This basically means that once you have gone down a certain path it is easy to go down it again.  Once your nerve system subluxates from a particular stressor it takes less and less to create the same response, and less to create an inflammatory response from life events.


This is one of the major reasons why so many people that receive network care have such drastic changes in areas of their health like allergies, blood sugar, arthritis, and digestion which people tend to not associate with chiropractic care.  Because network care frees them from the facilitated patterns their nerve system goes to on autopilot.


Health is not only your state of your lab values, it is your body’s ability to adapt each and every day.  If you want to reduce your risk of disease you must focus on creating EASE and eliminating DIS-EASE.  That is why maximizing the function of your spine is central to every area of your health.  It’s not about your back, it’s about your life.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesApril 13, 2015
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