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Is Being Average What You are Shooting For?

Is Being Average What You are Shooting For?

Is Being Average What You are Shooting For?

We hear it so often in our office: “I want to maintain my health” or “I want to keep myself healthy”. Though I certainly think healthcare maintenance and keeping yourself healthy is a wise choice, let’s think about these statements. Cars are maintained with oil changes and tire rotations, teeth are maintained with brushing and flossing, your home is maintained with lawn care and regular repairs. However, when it comes to your health and well-being, is maintenance really your highest goal?

Very few people start their experience at a gym or health club saying, “Yeah, the way I am now and the fitness level I’m at now, I just want to stay at that level”. Would you consider yourself fit if your goal was to just maintain the average weight in the U.S.? The majority of the time people start a fitness program because they want to improve from where they currently are, regardless of where they are. The same is true about one’s overall health. When people make health care changes like a new eating plan or fitness program it is because they want to do more. They see more potential in themselves; they desire more out of life. They want to be able to achieve more: be more fit, walk or run faster or farther, lift more weight, optimize their structure so they can enjoy or get more out of life.

That’s what true wellness and health is about. It’s not about preventing a condition or disease or stopping yourself from having a sickness later in life.

Optimize Your Body to Reach Your Best Health

When you make choices for your health and well-being, make them from a place of wanting to optimize your well-being and every aspect of your health from your food choices to your fitness choices to the structure of your body. Optimize your structure, optimize your function, optimize how much you can adapt to. Our intention when we look at a person’s Neurospinal system is to optimize it: optimize the structure, optimize the Neurospinal system and optimize the body’s behavior. This way, the body can be more resilient to handle more in life, function better, experience improved performance, and maximize its capacity to heal. Anything less is just a Band-Aid experience that fixes an injury temporarily. Anything less than optimization is a disservice and would be the equivalent of feeding a person a fish versus teaching them how to fish.

Contact us for a free consultation, which is simply a conversation to discuss with you how we can help you optimize your health.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesMay 26, 2017

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