• My lower back has straightened out quite nicely, and my neck is slowly getting better too. I don’t get sinus infections as often either. Far less back pain than I had before back pain that kept me quite frequently from my work and from doing what I love. I love the staff here too.

    - Britanny Balke
  • “I’m looking forward to all you can offer me and my family, my prayers are with you all every day, from my heart to yours.”

    - Rosie
  • “Healing is a journey and Dr. Danny and Dr. Richelle will be active participants and guide on this journey with you.”

    - Jen
  • “Not only did my knee start feeling better but my body started to open up. “

    - Barbara Tejada
  • “I now handle my own stress and guide others to better handle their problems. Thanks a ton, my whole life is easier.”

    - Don Poe
  • “Frequency duration and intensity of the pain is decreasing.”

    - Chris Dyer
  • “Pain drastically decreased.”

    - Ingrid Castrojon
  • “The wellness center was another source to improve our quality of life, mental attitude, posture and our balance as well as our focus.”

    - Russ and Patt Holmberg
  • “I am 54 years old but I feel younger and healthier than when I was 24.”

    - Gloria Lamboy
  • “Our Doctors at NFWC are “straightening” me up!”

    - Darcy D.
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It’s Not about your Back, It’s About your Life

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Just because your spine is in your back does not mean that caring for it only has to do with your back and how it feels. This is a huge myth and misunderstanding that contributes to a loss of health and wellbeing along with missing out on an outstanding quality of life.  There’s a whole range of secondary challenges that are all related to a person’s spine and nervous system.  A deeper appreciation of the spine and nervous system and how it relates to your function can pay off in large dividends over the lifetime of yourself and your loved ones.

Your nervous system plays a huge role in your daily life.  It coordinates your organ function along with your body’s movements.  It is also your filter for your conscious reality. The shape, position, tension, and tone of your spine determine the shape, position, tension and tone of your life.

When you hear the words pinch and nerve together people mistakenly automatically think and assume that equates to pain.  But in all, 90% of your nerves really don’t have anything to do with pain because only approximately 7-10% of your nerves are sensory. People can have underlying neurological shifts that create subtle changes to the integrity of their spine and nervous system that are the root cause of problems in many areas of their function from their head to their toes, including the organs, joint and disc challenges, inflammatory conditions and even organic disorders.  These can create concerns because your nervous system coordinates all the innate activities that happen automatically daily which we tend to take for granted.

At the University of California Irvine, a landmark research study on Network Spinal Analysis care was conducted. This study of 2,818 people, they found from hundreds of offices all over the world, has been the largest study done within the history of the chiropractic healing arts to date. These people studied demonstrated the greatest quality of life shift ever found in any healing art in this study design and population base.  It found that people self-report changes in their physical state, their emotional state, their stress response and the overall health related to the quality of life through the vehicle of their spine and nerve system reaching greater levels of organization.


This study demonstrated how a strong healthy well aligned spine is central to your quality of life and your life experience.  Weaker regions of your spine and nerve system lead to weaker areas of function within.  These weaker areas become the root cause of many of the challenges people experience.  Could the symptoms you are trying to avoid or chase with conventional pain relief approaches be related to your spine and nerve system? Could you have a whole new level of function and improved life experience that you didn’t know you have been missing out on?

You wouldn’t know it unless you get it checked!  In order to see how you could feel and function better, make an appointment to get your spine checked and see if it really is impacting your health and well-being. Your NeuroStructural function may be the key to experiencing less of what you don’t want and more of what you do want. Your choices and actions now impact greatly your future life experiences especially in the area of your health and well-being. If you have not had your spine and nerve system assessed ever or even in the last 90 days isn’t it time to get it checked.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesDecember 2, 2015
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