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No longer locked now I am fluid and transformed

No longer locked now I am fluid and transformed

No longer locked now I am fluid and transformed


Care for about two and a half years now, and prior to that, I had extremely bad back pain and I started going to another chiropractor that practiced a different technique: a more forceful adjustment type of technique and the pain was getting worse and it started to travel up on my leg and kept me up at night.



And the first time I came to a network practitioner, it immediately after the adjustment, immediately stopped travelling on my leg and just resonated on my heart that it was right and it was appropriate for me.



And at that time, I had like that super high shoulder a rock the size soft ball and my back pelvis would not move. I can’t even move into a comfortable position at night when I try to sleep because it was just completely locked and now my spine is fluid.  It moves with me. I can have my spine back again.  It was beautiful.



So not just my spine has been transformed but my mind, my life, my goals, how I perceive what I want to be and do, and to be able to serve others which is amazing.  It’s huge and so it’s definitely something.  If you want guys to transform not only your spines, but your lives and also touch other people lives, then this is the technique for you. Thank you.



By Dr. Daniel KnowlesMay 27, 2015
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