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Premium Chiropractic Care Gives Me the Opportunity to Control My Hip Pain

Premium Chiropractic Care Gives Me the Opportunity to Control My Hip Pain

Premium Chiropractic Care Gives Me the Opportunity to Control My Hip Pain

Hip pain irradiating in your leg, buttocks or thighs is the last thing that you would like to experience while you’re at work or at home. These high-intensity painful episodes are extremely unpleasant and can rob you of you of your concentration and joy of living. Sharie S. is no stranger to this medical problem. After dealing with persistent hip pain for years in a row, she has recently decided to take this matter into her own hands and rely on the best chiropractic care in the Boulder area to put an end to the nightmare that she was reliving daily.



Why I Came to NFWC



“I had hip pain and wanted to feel better,” remembers Sharie. Intense physical activity used to aggravate her condition, forcing her to put her plans on hold and abandon her decades-old hobbies. Fortunately, the first appointments with the NFWC specialists have offered her the relief that she was hoping to witness in the first place.



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The Chiropractic Results That Still Give Me Hope



Through gentle adjustments and proper counseling, the NFWC chiropractic experts have succeeded in bringing Sharie on the right track towards rapid, long-lasting signs of improvement. Now she can manage her hip pain better than ever before and her progress is also reflected in her mood and overall level of energy. I have evolved more than I imagined.  I feel more energetic, happier and healthier” adds Sharie.



Why I Continue to Receive Care



“I think the care is helping me live a healthier lifestyle.  The hip still hurts but I am able to deal with the pain better. The time and financial commitment is worth it to me,” concludes Sharie. At this point, she is determined to keep her side of the bargain and make the most of the holistic chiropractic care that is gradually improving the condition of her spine and nerve system.


By Dr. Daniel KnowlesDecember 19, 2014
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