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ScienceDaily (Aug. 6, 2008) — Genes that control percentage of body fat are also responsible for circulating levels of testosterone in men, research published in a recent edition of Clinical Endocrinology shows. 



The research shows a 23% overlap between the genes that control testosterone and those that regulate body fat composition, suggesting that these two variables are partly controlled by the same set of genes.



Researcher Dr Jean-Marc Kaufman said: “Body fat composition is influenced by environmental factors such as diet and exercise, but is also strongly controlled by genes. There is a well-established relationship between testosterone and body fat composition, which we have now shown is a result of shared genetic regulation. Our results help to explain the complex interplay between FAT mass and SEX hormones.”



The study led by Dr Kaufman at Ghent University Hospital, Belgium was carried out on healthy male sibling pairs and estimated the extent to which sex hormones and body fat are controlled by the same genes. The research involved a cohort of 674 men from 274 independent families, as part of a larger study investigating the origins of body composition, sex steroid status andpeak bone mass in healthy men.



A strong correlation was found between sex hormones and body fat, which was predominantly due to shared genes. Specifically, testosterone showed a 23% genetic correlation with body fat.



Previous studies have shown a well-established relationship between testosterone and body fat composition. For example, men with LOW testosterone levels are characterized by a HIGH body fat percentage. In this study, the authors show the set of genes that control testosterone levels also control body fat, providing for the first time an underlying causal link to explain this relationship. One of the best ways to combat FAT GAIN is by using a testosterone cream and doing some form of exercise regimen.



Background information



Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone, and is required for sperm production, development of male reproductive organs and appearance of secondary male sexual characteristics.



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By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJanuary 3, 2013
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