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What Are My Care Options?

What Are My Care Options?

What Are My Care Options?

Sincerely, that is up to you.

It is not our intent to, during an assessment, give an opinion specific to other chiropractic or non-chiropractic options from other providers. It is our sincere goal to provide you with true, objective options so you can decide for yourself what to do and what is the best for you. After all, it is your body and your health.

Their certainly are many healthcare choices offered by both medical and natural holistic healthcare providers. The majority of practitioners are focused on managing pain for symptoms or restoring a person to a prior state, regardless of whether they’re doing it naturally or medically or therapeutically. Occasionally, one of these goals or approaches may be more appropriate for your goals. Either on its own or in conjunction with the type of care that we provide at Network Family Wellness Center to re-educate, re-train, and re-organize your spine and nerve system

If during your consultation or evaluation, Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles D.C. find that our office isn’t the best solution for you or the different type of attention or additional intention is indicated, then we’ll make sure to refer you to the appropriate person in our preferred network, which consists of excellent practitioners and numerous backgrounds of which Network Family Wellness Center has developed excellent professional relationships with. Thus, we’re glad to help you be sure that your goals are met and that you find that you’re in the right hands.

When it comes to a person’s spine and nerve system, the options that people generally look at are an temporary restorative or treatment model. Most practitioners will focus on pain or symptom relief and they can do an excellent job in that area. People will often start with medications herbal or homeopathic choices to stop the signs and symptoms. Careful, these are often warning signs that people are chasing or worse yet silencing temporarily.

If that doesn’t work, people often look towards physical therapy, trying to strengthen muscle spasms, mobility, working again on the effects rather than the underlying problem. If that doesn’t work there also injections and if that doesn’t work people move towards surgery.  It is our intention to help people with the true underlying spinal and neurological concerns that often cause secondary conditions rather than focus on effects.

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