• I would recommend this place if you need a chiropractor. They are friendly and give gentle adjustments. Everyone is very caring.
    - Monica Tremblay
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What’s My First Step.

What’s My First Step.

What’s My First Step.

Chiropractic special offer

Everything is covered during your consultation or in our spinal health and wellness class (insert hyperlink to the dinner page).


Following either of those, you will be given the opportunity to receive aComplete Neuro Spinal Evaluation appropriate to your concerns and goals to determine if we can help you. As always, that decision is yours and there’s never any pressure or obligation… we’re there to serve your needs.

Contact us to schedule a consultation (insert hyperlink complimentary consultation page).

Unlike other offices, where an assessment is a formality, this is an experience that routinely use people sharing with us that they’ve never had a chiropractor evaluate them so thoroughly in terms of assessing the spine and nerve system and its impact on their health.

What to expect during your assessment:

As everyone is an individual, the tools to assess each person may differ.

Your assessment may include:


  • Surface electromyography.
  • Computerized thermography.
  • Weight balance distribution.
  • Digital postural study.
  • Heart rate variability.
  • Radiography.
  • Facilitative pattern palpation
  • Motion palpation.
  • Flexion and lateral flexion adverse chord and connective tissue assessment.


As you can see, the Complete Neuro Spinal Evaluation is just that – comprehensive!


We would not want you to be rushed, as you’d only be cheating yourself, so please leave up to an hour, as the intention is to help you as thoroughly as possible have a better understanding of your current situation. After your assessment, we will schedule you for a conference where we will review your findings with you, if and how we can help, and your optimal recommendations. If you feel our office is a fit for you and then we can mutually decide to work together.


At this point, you will also receive your first network adjustment session, which will be included with your assessment so you can experience it for yourself firsthand.


We truly are category one in that we are one of the very rare places in the world that actually looks at all aspects of your spinal health. Our approach is not “hocus-pocus”, we provide evidence-based results and care that you can measure and experience.


Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation to begin your first step towards creating true wellness from within.


Phone: 303.998.1000


Email: frontdesk@networkwellnesscenters.com

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Chiropractic mobile-only special offer

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Network Family Wellness center is an oasis of healing for so many boulder residents.


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"I do not wake every morning with a stiff back anymore" Sarah N.


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