• My lower back has straightened out quite nicely, and my neck is slowly getting better too. I don’t get sinus infections as often either. Far less back pain than I had before back pain that kept me quite frequently from my work and from doing what I love. I love the staff here too.

    - Britanny Balke
  • “I’m looking forward to all you can offer me and my family, my prayers are with you all every day, from my heart to yours.”

    - Rosie
  • “Healing is a journey and Dr. Danny and Dr. Richelle will be active participants and guide on this journey with you.”

    - Jen
  • “Not only did my knee start feeling better but my body started to open up. “

    - Barbara Tejada
  • “I now handle my own stress and guide others to better handle their problems. Thanks a ton, my whole life is easier.”

    - Don Poe
  • “Frequency duration and intensity of the pain is decreasing.”

    - Chris Dyer
  • “Pain drastically decreased.”

    - Ingrid Castrojon
  • “The wellness center was another source to improve our quality of life, mental attitude, posture and our balance as well as our focus.”

    - Russ and Patt Holmberg
  • “I am 54 years old but I feel younger and healthier than when I was 24.”

    - Gloria Lamboy
  • “Our Doctors at NFWC are “straightening” me up!”

    - Darcy D.
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Darcy D.

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Your body’s innate Capacity to Heal with Chiropractic in Boulder Colorado

Your body's innate Capacity to Heal with Chiropractic


His mom came to see us after screening and we do a spinal screening at affair and she came in. We started taking care of her. She got a chance to say, “We really need to help my son, Malcolm.” Her son, who is forty, so it is an older son. She was older. I said, “Absolutely! Have him come in.” He had spinal surgery. He was disabled and was thinking about having another spinal surgery. Because I tend to notice, I noticed a few things about taking care of people but I noticed that people avoid spinal surgery, they are destined for 2 or 3 or 4 more. If they just continue that path, it always happens. It is never just 1 spinal surgery. It is just a matter of time. He did not want to have another spinal surgery; (he) started seeing us, in such debilitating pain, cannot walk, cannot work. Took care of him, he gets out of pain, does not need to have the spinal surgery and very consistent care. I could not get him to come to workshop, he is off, on and off for 5 to 10 years, no about 10 years, on and off. When you say on and off, 2 months- we do not see him for 8 months. See him for 6 months, twice a month and then see him for 2 months every day. Never following through. So what do you think is happening to her spine? It is this. It is bad experience. Then, his mom keeps telling him to follow through our creek in, to our workshop, follow to anything. And do these workshops again to make a difference in your understanding everybody. People gets such amazing changes here because they know about their body and their health and so on. So now comes sides eventually in pain again and this is not working for. This is not working for. It has another surgery. And about a couple of months later after surgery, he passes away. Literally, keeping your spinal system healthy can save your life. So, why is you nervous system important? This picture, this picture really shares the whole reason why your spinal nerve is taken cared of or why it is important for you to take care of your spine. The neuro strip forms at 18 days. The first system to form in your body. 18 days. Most people have this, a nerve system forming before their moms know they are pregnant with them. Think about that on multiple levels. And your body cannot form the other systems, you cardiovascular system, your heart, your lungs, your reproductive organs, it cannot for them until this is here. This cord makes it this point forming other organs in the systems. It starts telling your body having heart cells, to make having liver cells, to make hairy long cells to make. And the interesting thing, it has to tell them to stop because you start making trains of heart cells a day. And if it does not tell them to stop at exactly the right point, you cannot wait at a time. Literally, so your nerve systems on the job coordinating them.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesApril 13, 2015
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